Imagine, Phones, Batteries, and Smart Devices Needing No Cords

Imagine, Phones, Batteries, and Smart Devices Needing No Cords

Wi-Charge, offers freedom from power outlets and battery changes. Using safe invisible light, their products provide enough power to charge a phone across a room. With Wi-Charge, mobile and IoT devices appear to charge autonomously.

Their wireless power delivery solution provides power at a distance from several meters away, enough to power smart devices, charge mobile phones, and more. Their website states that the solution is safe, FDA-approved and complies with government standards worldwide. It is also market-ready.

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How to Charge Drones from the Ground

How to Charge Drones from the Ground

A company called Global Energy Transmission (GET) is building a way to charge flying drones from the ground while they fly; transmitting electricity through the air. Imagine, a drone that never needs to land to be recharged. Wireless electricity / charging at its best.

They have a video that shows a drone flying for two hours while being charged without wires.

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Why Don’t We Have Wireless Electricity?

Well, that is a question that was considered long before I was born.  Apparently Tesla thought of wireless electricity in 1899 and beyond.  In 1921, according to Inside Energy, he posited,

Power can be, and at no distant date will be, transmitted without wires, for all commercial uses, such as the lighting of homes and the driving of aeroplanes. I have discovered the essential principles, and it only remains to develop them commercially. When this is done, you will be able to go anywhere in the world — to the mountain top overlooking your farm, to the arctic, or to the desert — and set up a little equipment that will give you heat to cook with, and light to read by. This equipment will be carried in a satchel not as big as the ordinary suitcase. In years to come wireless lights will be as common on the farms as ordinary electric lights are nowadays in our cities.” (Nikola Tesla, The American Magazine, April 1921)

Wow, what an ingenious prediction!  The more I learn about Tesla, the more excited I get.  It’s amazing that he considered this over 100 years ago.

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